I love to argue and get heated and fight (verbally only) and my boyfriend hates to do those things more than anything. I always end up making him feel bad if i beg to fight and when he won't because he doesn't like to then i become a spoiled brat and avoid what i wanted to bring up and really beat around the bush. I want to either stop enjoying fighting or learn to not do it with him and find another outlet to do it when i am with him. Because I think i pull away from him and i don't have any reason i'm just not interested in holding hands or kissing or hugging. So i have nothing to explain it to him so he doesn't beat himself up and then he asks why a bunch and then i make up a small reason why and its a dumb reason and he gets taken aback and a little upset and then i escalate it into a fight. And then i win as i always do because he hates to fight and is really bad at it and wants it to be over quickly. I dont really like fighting with him because he doesnt like to and i want him to like to. Because whatever is said in a fight for me, is just to relieve stress and make problems come out faster. It's like pulling off a bandaid for me. And yes i do have other people to argue/fight with like my mom but i don't want to bring up any of my relationship problems and complain about them to anyone BUT my boyfriend. And we fought yesterday, like yelled at each other back and forth, for the first time ever. It was helpful i think because we figured out stuff we need to work on and he's going on a trip with his family and won't be able to talk to me so that's a good break we agreed. I just want to make my relationship less dramatic and hopefully stop pushing him away.
yellowbelly23 yellowbelly23
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014