One day I may ask a psychologist why, but in the mean time I will live with my doubts on the origins of the attraction I have towards goodbyes.

It repels me as much as it attracts me and perhaps the sense of abandonment and melancholy satisfies the nothing I have in me.

Goodbyes are always good options for me however much they hurt me too yet I seem to be attracted to the melancholic pain in goodbyes. And I don't know why.

I am dangerous in friendship because I often provoke or cause litigations with an insane desire to say goodbye.

And I don't know why.

LozzyFromRome LozzyFromRome
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2 Responses Mar 17, 2016

Story of my life. Anyone I have loved I have pushed away and then pulled them back until they can't handle it anymore. My ex wife who was the love of my life went through that with me. I guess inside I always felt unworthy and therefore did things to keep her at bay and not get too close.

Its a good thing I never married because I would have put her through hell for sure.

Maybe we are people who are afraid of happiness. Because we are afraid of losing it. And hence we make it happen faster. That is the most logical explanation I have heard and it comes from Cierzo. It is true for me. I don't know if it applies to you too?

I dont know.