I'm trying to wrap my head around so much right now, like how I feel about you, because you're amazing. I can honestly say I feel like myself when you and I laugh at life, with its twists and turns. You're so inspiring, because you have such inner strength.
When you stopped talking to me, I was crushed, but you're back. I know I've been aloof, but I can't let my heart rule my brain this time.
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2016

I hope this person knows how blessed they are to have you, and how lucky they are that you took them back. And you're right, you want to let your head guide your heart.

Beautiful post

thanks honey

Thank you. It often isolates me from relating well with others, but the person who I was writing about here is my favorite person in the universe

I am indeed a blessed wioness lol