I Push People Away

I have a big problem with pushing people away.... I have huge trust issues and when they come close to me I end up pushing them away when I don't want to...I just don't want to get hurt like I did in the past... and I push them away so I won't be sad when they walk out my life... I don't want to push them away... I want to keep them... I'M dumb... I'M tired of being scared... I don't want to shut the door to the world...I want to walk in it and be able to get hurt and say oh well... but idk.
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I often do this too...


Yeah.. I do. I am not a very trusting person anymore. That's just how it is...
I regress backwards just at the thought of letting someone in. I am not a very good people person...

I am the same way... I only trust my big sister...and like when I feel like someone is really close, I just push them away.

You must really trust your big sister. That's cool to have someone you can trust. She must be quite a person...

She is... I can trust her 100% I wouldn't trade my sister for anything.


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I push people away without even trying or realizing that I am doing it until it is too late. I am just like you. Scared of being hurt but not wanting to be alone in the world. Tired of being hurt but tired of not having anyone. It is something I am trying to work on for myself and something I hope isn't impossible to fix. Its hard to let people in, I know. But maybe you should think about the good people in your life and slowly let them in and take a chance. I've learned that people make mistakes and you will be hurt eventually, in some form, by everyone you are close to, but that doesn't mean you have to push them away.

Thanks hun... i have to work on it... im not giving up tho...

Don't give up :) never give up. You are stronger than you think.

pushing people away will only make the pain worse you should let someone be there for you!!!