I Understand

I used to do this myself. I have pushed foster family away after foster family. I have trouble with feelings. There has been some good families here in the country where I have moved to. However, I have pushed people away. It is difficult for me to trust people, mostly because what I have gone through in my life. However, there is a point in which we have to stop running. 

Sometimes the problem is not with others, but it is with ourselves. We sometimes must begin to trust others no matter what we have been through ourselves.  
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Short, but so true. Thankyou for posting

hi,<br />
i dont believe on my family my friends, and ofcourse myself<br />
nods most of the problems come from ourselves <br />
may be u shall talk to them, ur family about ur character that doesnt mean to be bad or push people away, perhaps need room or space <br />
i told so to my mom who kept asking why im avoiding people or party, <br />
its a positive thinking to begin to trust people, but im still afraid to do so, <br />
good day :3