It's Not That Unusual

Pushing people away is not that unusual. You want to get close but when you do you feel uneasy. The idea of being obligated or responsible to another person makes you anxious. This happens with relatives, friends and lovers.

People who are like this are often loners, dislike crowds, didn't like school very much and don't mind being alone much of the time which doesn't mean they still don't want someone to be close. Another person being close is not too bad on the surface, especially at the beginning of a relationship because it is nice to feel wanted and the fact someone likes you enough to want to spend time with you is very nice. But after awhile the old feelings creep in.

IN sexual relationships there are people who, after having great sex with a new partner, suddenly, right out of the blue, for no apparent reason, want to withdraw and can't get aroused any more. In men this sometimes gets so bad they can't get an erection after having no problems before.

All this is caused by what is called an intimacy disorder and is caused by anxiety. Get to the root of the anxiety and you can treat it.

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Feb 23, 2009