I Do

I do push people away, I feel very uncomfortable when people say they love me and for some reason I suddenly want to be alone all the time. Sometimes it got so bad, that I didnt talk to anyone for a week, including christmas and my parents were worried but I kinda felt disconnected to everyone and everything. I felt like I needed to think about everylittle thing

Eamane Eamane
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

yes thats true. I've never really seen it that way before though

I believe we all fee incredibly "Lost" on this planet. And this feeling both engulfs us and reminds us that this is not our true HOME. Its incredibly bittersweet, and downright paralyzing. We are exposed to "To much of not enough" and it becomes hard to breathe. The paradoxical experience never seems to dissipate...we constantly feel "smothered in isolation"...around so many people and yet painfully "alone".