How I Got Put Back In Diapers

It all started when I was ten years old. I was at tue store.with and I told her I pee and she said we will go in a minute. After 5 min I told her I was about to pee my pants and she said I was fine. Then I told her I can't walk or I will wet my self she said come on and that first step I pee and left a puddle on the floor where.I was standing. My mom said lets going het you.clean up. Then she put me in a diaper and just a t shirt and went to the baby sections and got diapers, training pants, bottles, pacifiers, formula, and a sipy cup and started to go checkout and then I started to cry but my mom didn't care when we get to the car she took off the diaper I wet when I was crying and put a freash duaper on. On the way home I fell asleep and ahen I woke up we where home and when we got inside mom put me on the floor and gave me a bottle that had some kind of pooping pill in it and.I fell asleep on the floor I pooped right through the diaper and on to the.floor. mom was mad. Then she put one of the training pants on me and said that if I had to go pee to tell her and If I had to poop I should just go in the trainging pants

To be continued
easyups easyups
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012