It's Just a Weakness!

I always seem to put everyone else's needs before mine!  A prime example!  I was going shopping yesterday and thought I'll  use my gift cards that I got for Christmas!  I told the kids I was going and they said hey do you want to buy ours! Hey OK...I'll give them the money and then I 'll use them for my self!  LOL   So I go shopping....I spend on everyone else...but me!  OK I did spend like 10.00 on me!  I always go along with what everyone else wants!  Everyone thinks I am so strong willed!  HA HA.....if it's something someone really wants they get it!  I can't figure out why I always do this!  Sometimes I think...hey what about me!  They I even say it out doesn't get me anywhere but I at least say it!

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

You need to take care of you too. My wife has gotten to the point where she is really wanting time for her, for the privacy, her friends. <br />
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It is important that you take that time for you and do things for you.