It's Fun To Contibute To The Future Of My Avian Neighbors!

Every spring, just as the season for feeding the birds in my back yard is coming to a close, I put a year's worth of hair clippings and dryer lint that I have saved up into the bird feeders. Birds who then come to the feeder often take beakfuls of this material to use in the construction of their nests.
The habit comes from looking at bird nests in the vicinity of the horse stalls where my brother keeps his horses. Nearly every nest in a 200 yard or more vicinity contains long strands of horse hair that the horses have shed amid the twigs and moss and fibrous strands in the construction of the nests.
Late summer I explore around and look for nests and see what they are comprised of, and more often than not, there's hair and dryer lint!
It's a great way to feel connected to my feathered friends...
VTMarkus VTMarkus
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2 Responses Apr 16, 2011

It is a great idea to put out nest material for your birds. You put it in the feeders where it will be easy for them to find, terriffic :) Anothe great way to help our birds :)

Wow, everything really does have value. Even hairballs. This is inspiring :)