The Meaning

I think that God blesses people with talent.  One of which being music.  I feel that being gifted to write or sing or play music is a way to reach others who need to hear a certain word.  God gifted several people in the Bible to sing and dance, for some peole this is the only way they know to praise Him.  For me some music reminds me of how blessed i am, other music has meaning that i hold on to just because it reminds me of where i have come from. I often only know just parts of a song becasue that is the part of the song that ministered to 


I think music is a great relaxation medication, i feel the words to some songs really come from the artists heart .  If you cant find meaning in someone elses words to their music  then listen to the music itself , the meaning is there .

luvbugg77 luvbugg77
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2 Responses May 7, 2007

I love music, an emotional rollercoaster that helps my writing.

Oh I agree. Music often ministers to me. Most of the time it's the lyrics of the song that inspire me but a lot of times it's also the music itself that inspires me.