Sounds Horrible.

When I was younger, before I had a kid, I always thought I would never put my kid on a leash.  Now that I have one, I realize why people do it. 

I get dirty looks from some people, but I do it to keep her safe.  My 2 year old actually likes it.  It is a backpack that looks like a dog with a long tail which is the leash.  She can carry her toys around and I can make sure she doesn't wander off. 

I think I do it for my own sanity.  I always worry about her wandering off or someone taking her.  I don't always put her backpack on, just if we are going somewhere crowded and she is going to want to walk. Like the mall, or my school campus. 

The last time I got a dirty look was at my school.  I had to go pick up my parking permit and had to take my daughter with me.  There were a lot of people there with backpacks and she wanted hers too, so I put it on her and let her walk around.  The chick in line behind me kept giving me dirty looks (she obviously didn't have kids).  I finally turned to her and asked if she had a problem.  She said that she didn't approve of my daughter on a leash.  I told her fine, do you want to watch her, and turned back around.

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Thank you all very much for your comments. I just want to do anything to keep my mind at peace when it comes to her well being. I have actually handed my daughter to a woman and said watch her, she wasn't going for it though.<br />
Captian- I have no idea what I would do with 3 under the age of 4! You could get them all leashes and walk them like a dog walker, but be a toddler walker instead.<br />
Destry- I am sure they make them for 5 year olds. My question is do they make them for teenagers? Oh I don't even want to think about the years to come.

exactly captain! lol let THEM watch the kids for a bit...they might just change their minds lol

my daughter LOVES to wander off and i would always wonder if i needed one when she was younger also...but i didn't. we live in a small enough town, and everyone knows her/us, so i really didn't have to worry too much. she's 5 now, still wanders but never very far. i definitely know why parents use one tho!

June, I know what you mean. I used to be one of the people that gave dirty looks, now I know why they did it. I think we all tend to pass judgement too quickly.

I could've been the one to give you the dirty look but now that I read your story I think I have some thinking to do.<br />
<br />
Also, I haven't got kids yet! Have taught myself not to have an opinion on people whose situations I haven't experienced but I see I still have more to learn.

Plus it keeps her from bugging other people. I respect that some people don't like kids running around all over the place, that is what the playground and home is all about.

well you are clearly loving parent who isn't trying to shackle or chain your child abuse them or hurt them only keep them safe and at 2 come on you can't alway carry them and god they run fast

Thanks for your comment. It used to bug me when people would give me dirty looks. It would also make me think that maybe I was doing something wrong. I got over that really fast, I have to do what I believe is best.