A Problem Or Not?

I always put other people's happiness before my own. In any relationship I care about the other person's happiness more than my own. This is in any relationship. Whether it be with a boyfriend or friend. I truly believe that it's my biggest fault. With my most recent ex I love and cared about him with everything I had so that HIS happiness was a priority for me. Making him happy was super important to me. I never lost myself, never forgot about me in doing this. It just makes me happy to make other people happy. It's who I am. With my most recent ex he was dealing with a lot of issue (financially, job, ect) internally. He had a difficult time outwardly speaking his problems to me but I knew what they were and that they existed and tried my best to be there for him during this time. I never brought it up to him because I knew that he hated talking about his problems but I was there for him to cheer him up and take his mind off the problems. In return he dumped me. I don't get it. Is puttingother people's happiness before mine a huge problem for me?
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Wow I can relate