Is This Love?

I am a Catholic and have been dating a Muslim girl in a Muslim country. I know all odds are against us but I have been more than willing to fight it out till the last. The community is against this relationship and despite the family knowing me well, they have been forced to make the girl promise to end the relationship with me. The community forged negative stories about us and girls wider family put pressure on her and her family to end this relationship. She decided to end it and has completely changed treating me so coldly like she does not love me. I noticed that a month before telling me she ha ended the relationship she could no longer tell me she loved me, but she still showed me some signs of love. I think I am still deeply in love with her. I know she has been forced to choose between me and her family and therefore I lost. but i still believe if her love for me is as strong as she says she would have given me a chnce to fight it out with her. We could have put the saem thing bck to the family and see if they are willing to loose a daughter. This also posess a big threat because anyone could easily harm us if we remained in the same community. hence if she really loved me as she claims I believe she would have given us a chance to attemtp this love away form this community. However she did not and is now being forced to either marry someone of the family's choice or bring someone acceptable to the family - someone of same religion and from same country, plus other conditions.  When it comes to love and relationships, should we do things in the interest of the community or in our personal interest?

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Wow, this story reminds me of my experience. Now, if I put myself in your story I would be the girl who was forced to end it because of difference in religion. And, let me tell you, its the hardest decision to make, just thinking that the family who has been with you every day of your life could threaten you with disowning you if you chose love over religion. What you need to know about my situation now? I regret it every day and it has made me so depressed. I put peoples opinions over my happiness and I may live to regret it every day of my life if I don't start fighting for my happiness. What you need to do, is give her strength. Tell her no matter what happens you will always be there for her and you will always love her. Be a lighthouse through the storm for her. Remind her that her family doesn't have to live her life with regrets for the rest of her days. She does. <br /><br />
I truly hope you two find each other again, and end up together.

it means it is game over - tears are inevitable whther I leave her or not but probably less if I leave her be. The tears are better if they are mine and not hers, hence I better let her be.<br />
Any other comments?

Community means alot in those countries, leave her be, it may end in tears if you dont leave her alone.