Your Happiness Comes First.

My mother had MS while I was growing up.  It was only natural to make sure she was OK.  Sure, we were kids and did our own thing too, but Dad made sure Mom always had someone with her.  So, giving of yourself for someone else to be happy, is a life lesson I'll always have within me.  I am so naturally a care-giver, I always step forward when someone is in need.  As I continued in life, I learn giving someone happiness is a more selfish thing to do.  Once you make someone happy, you'll want to do it again and again. 

And then you have kids.

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6 Responses Oct 28, 2008

I always put other people's happiness before my own also--always took care of everyone-made sure everything was "just so" -I'm finally learning how to put my happiness not so much first-maybe second-but definitely not at the bottom anymore--and honestly--it's nice--feels good!!

I understand. <br />
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Now I find a princess in a beautiful dress.<br />
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What your saying is something I had to learn also. In my 2nd marriage my husband wanted to be my Knight in shing armore..By the end of our marriage he was resentfull.<br />
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Thanks for sharing Sweetie.

I hear ya!

I've been raising kids since I was a kid.<br />
I'm tired....<br />

Yep, their always your kids.