Light And Sweet

I love my coffee cafe' au latte, New Orleans style, two sugars please.

I also love Italian Sweet Cream creamer by Carnation.  That is good stuff.  :)

Will drink it with cream or milk and sugar too.

Won't drink it black, or even with just cream, although I think I could manage with just sugar....

Bluebie Bluebie
46-50, F
8 Responses Oct 27, 2011

Aren't they the best Uyknas? i could go for some right now, actually...

I can't take it black either PaleCowboy. I would rather skip it and have a water, painful as that is... :)

I used to get it somewhere local and then the lady quit the tea business, so I looked it up online. I will find where I bought it and send you the link via email. Kay? :)

Where do I get that?

My favorite tea at the moment is a black tea called snowflake and I drink it with sugar AND milk. It is yummy. You should try it. ;)

Now you're talkin :)

I know you don't like it Sweetie. I like sugar in my tea too... :)

Coffee is yucky :p