I Do. Thick And High Walls

I remember back in 2008 when i first talking to my muse, i asked him if he was afraid of heights, meaning to climb my walls...the fortess i build around my heart and soul...he giggled and said "i dont have a ladder high enough, i'll have to find another way"...when i told hubby that story he smiled and said "he surprised you by blowing up the wall and making his own entrance, i just used my key to unlock the door"...i smiled and said "yes you did".

There are few ppl who have gotten past the walls..because the walls are thick & high, most give up and the ones that make it through the labyrinth earn my loyalty, trust & friendship. We all do what each of us must to protect what is ours. Am i wrong?
WindyCityCat WindyCityCat
41-45, F
Sep 20, 2010