Missing Something What's Up With This

My dim witt manipulative SIL Has some of her CRAP....3 statues that could not fit into her small house she moved into last March. I hate these friggin things they take up TOO much room and probalby just annoy me because their hers (yes some pettyness here)

My husband her older brother has probalby lent her over 5 grand in the last 5 years total......for some reason he feels debted to her!

One of the dogs ran near her stupid ceramic Betty Boop (which I like)
The first words out of his mouth were; "Oh no if he broke that I would be in debt for life." AGAIN I ASK WHAT AM I MISSING HERE!!!
aradia11 aradia11
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Very strange indeed. The problem is the way ur husband thinks isnt it?