Missing Something What's Up With This

My dim witt manipulative SIL Has some of her CRAP....3 statues that could not fit into her small house she moved into last March. I hate these friggin things they take up TOO much room and probalby just annoy me because their hers (yes some pettyness here)

My husband her older brother has probalby lent her over 5 grand in the last 5 years total......for some reason he feels debted to her!

One of the dogs ran near her stupid ceramic Betty Boop (which I like)
The first words out of his mouth were; "Oh no if he broke that I would be in debt for life." AGAIN I ASK WHAT AM I MISSING HERE!!!
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does she hold something over him? guilt? to manipulate him ? its as if she has a the golden key to his heart... scary...

I know there has been money exchange from she to him quite a long time ago. Its just they were both raised sooo twisted, mom in denial and fear from her alcoholic bastard husband his step dad and the other ones real dad. So codependecy was breeded here. I just shrug it off...I was just pissy at the moment I wrote this one...
Surprisingly SHE had lost her dog (it got out somehow) and my husband didn't over react and get worked up and was quite logical and sensible for a change.
HMMM I don't know.
How is everything with you is your hub feeling better?

he had stents put in...but the doctor said his pulse rate is to fast...doc said he is going to change the meds he is on.....this is what happens when all you do in life is sleep and sit n watch tv and smoke for 40 years...im surprised it didnt happen sooner.

im enjoying the time alone at home for the first time in nearly 3 years, to bad it happened under these circumstances. [[[hugs]]]

I still hope the best for u HE STILL smokes with COPD!? Not good he needs to change his habits yes easier said than done. Does he have disability coming in? I believe he could qulify.


belive or not ..yep still was smoking up untill 5 months ago...yes, his sister said the very same thing, for him to apply for social disabilty, he better, he wont be getting any job with his condition. he seems like he is afraid the gov will take everything he owns, if he takes advantage of gov programs, his mom was an older women when she had him..he may of picked up some old romours from her, his mom was, i think, first generation born here in america, who knows what ideas she had..

I believe a lot of older people have no faith in govt or banks....they lived through an economy worse than what we have known the past 5 years. He just needs to come to his senses and apply his only way to survive at this time. After all we put into this fund all of our working lives. Good luck doll. keep me posted.

yes i agree

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