Probably I Am Crazy

i just dont understand what was happened to me until i began realize theres a lot of full on my head.i tried to talk toward my sister n my mom but they didnt understand me and so do my friends, i just feel depreesed about this, i know i shouldnt be like kid.i just dont understand why i should doing this all?for what i do it?i saw a lot of people think about future..yeah FUTURE the best future they are studyhard to reach their goal, then we talk about money, you are naive ah?if u didnt need money in ur life, then i saw people need love we should have relationship with someone, cant u imagine u will life alone dont u??then i saw my friend really religious and they say to me go to church and pray there u will be better.
when i sitting in my class i listen my lecturer and i saw a lot of people i feel confused.i confused about life, i confused wheres i should go, i feel so lonely and dark probably i need someone but it doesnt really help, i dont know what i really want?
sometime i want go to adventurer going in everywhere even i want to suicide i know God will punish me but i dont really do it just sometime on my head and leave these all things which is make me depressed.sometime i though am i crazy..i need advice
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1 Response May 12, 2012

sometimes, i get depressed by thinking all this stuff that is going on in your life and honestly, sometimes i think that i have a mental health issue.because theres too much going on in your head,your life and you cant handle it and it makes you crazyy.