I almost always have to know the reasons. I question even the simplest things. I used to drive my parents and teachers crazy because I'd always ask 'why?' to just about everything. Some teachers didn't mind because they'd just say I was inquisitive, and that being inquisitive was good because it led to intelligence. But my mother mainly saw it as annoying and she'd get mad at me for rarely doing something without asking for reasons, and I don't blame her. But it would frustrate me when she'd say 'because I said so' when I'd ask 'why?' because she hadn't really satisfied my question. That's not to say I was a very disobedient child, I still did what she asked of me, I just wanted to know why. But at school, I learned to keep my mouth shut fairly early because most teachers didn't want to be interrupted by the little girl who wanted to understand the reasons behind things. They just wanted to tell you the outcome of things, while I wanted to know what led up to that outcome. I guess I'm just doomed to figure the reasons out by myself!
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You sound just like me :-)

Lol, you bought back memories of the same thing for me. I always want to know 'why?'-even regarding mundane tasks<br />
And it is a great thing! Curiosity made the cat really smart.