The Guy At Target

Today at Target, I was checked out by a man I had gone to school with years ago, in the first few years of High School. I was flooded with memories of him suddenly; dating one of my close friends, laughing at beach parties, holding a beer. He was nobody special to me, we really rarely interacted unless brought in contact with each other through our mutual friend. But I remembered he hated pineapple pizza and wouldn't eat it, even if ALL the pineapple was picked off, because he said the juice ruined the cheese. I remembered being mad about this while making a large and complicated pizza order junior summer, and giggled as he handed me my change. He didn't recognize me, and I couldn't even recall his name, so I was glad he didn't look up at first. But as I walked away I longed desperately, as if the suspense of his mystery would kill me, how he had been? Where he had gone, what had he seen? Had he loved, been heartsick, been frightened, been high? Did he see rainstorms and have nowhere to go? Ever feel abandoned? Disappointed in his life? Did he follow the right path, did he miss school? Did he do it right? Did he live alone? Have a dog? Have a car? Like his job? I wondered of all the faces he had made as his jaw grew sharp and his hair longer with age.

I am lonely?
I'm crazy.

TheRamblingRose TheRamblingRose
18-21, F
Sep 20, 2012