I Call In Inquisitive

I always question everything and wonder why things are the way they are.

recent questions

Is it possible to control emotions?

would cat be able to cope with claws?

Do homeless people get benefits (not sure what you call in in America?

Can curly hair turn straight if you straighten too much?


Sometimes my curiosities are really bizarre.  Like if I were able to drive through a barrier then it would be really destructive, so what if you drive through a safety barrier like a wormhole and reappear somewhere else, but then that would make drivers more reckless if safety barrier really was that safe.  Anyway I ramble on, I guess I am trying illustrate what my though processes can be like.

I always get into quite deep and interesting conversations and I enjoy that!

eelarc eelarc
26-30, F
Feb 9, 2010