While this irritates many around me, I always want to know why things are, I never just take them for face. It gets me in trouble a lot of the time, but it is gratifying to know that I am an independent thinker and do not follow the masses for the sake of not wanting to think on my own. Meh, it is just my character.

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"It's just my character" long as you don't forget that!

You lost me at careful :P

careful that in not following the masses you dont fall into that old trap of becoming one of the masses you know?<br />
<br />
anyway, its good to question everything. Nothing is truth or a lie...what once was a lie becomes truth then a lie again thats what i remember the qoute being in 1984 anyway lol...what i mean is in the end, it matters on how you percvice things....and this is just becoming a confusing comment lol.

ROFL. no that was me making fun of me!!!

Yes please ... I didn't know that was you >:-/ I thought it was someone making fun of you...

Me!! i'm a shapeshifter...****, do i have to write all of that again?

What are you sm00thie? you both girls. :D<br />
<br />

you too girl :D<br />
<br />
Much love coming from California

lmfao you two rock

ooh, shiny!!!

I am still pondering and reflecting on your Confucious like wisdom. Thinking....still thinking...

haha ... nice attention span :-P

if you want me to i can have pierced nipples!!<br />
<br />
yes, you make me ponder for a good 3,0000 nano-seconds!

Look what you made me do now! I got all philosophical on your @sses

Well if we all have curiosity that needs to be curbed then we are just a like and that makes us excatly opposite of what we were striving for... fukk, I suppose you all have pierced nipples too

If you say so, yes, i'm dorky!!

I bet you are dorky.

Yeah, it sounds good, i think so too about my curiosity about thigns always needs to be curbed!!<br />
<br />
i'm unique i'm told!

My curiosity about things always need to be curbed.

Oh yeah, i agree, but why?

I don't follow the masses, but i do exactly the same thing that you do!

I agree, but why??

Never assume I say.