I don't question what I like. I know I like girls emotionally and sometimes physically. And I know I pretty much despise men emotionally but am attracted physically... to some parts.... But what does that make me? Would I be bi since I am attracted physically to guys, or just a lesbian with a random interest in male bodies?
Ronniroo Ronniroo
18-21, F
2 Responses May 16, 2012

I wonder why people spend so much time and mental energy trying to find a label or box they fit into. Perhaps consider using no label, consider yourself a free spirit, in love with the human race. We as individuals can further refine this a bit to our comfort but I am sure you get my message. <br />
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Some try to label me for example, I am comfortable with "Tran" with no further refinement. somewhere in the middle of most labels, for the next couple of years Ill be traveling back and forth between "Mars and Venus". From my view you are a loving, kind, seeking, discoverer of life. It is never too late to be true to yourself. I guess I qualify as a changed person for having done so :)

perhaps you're just a human being that can't, and shouldn't, be pigeon-holed.