So I Wasted My Life Thus Far Studying Crap?

Puh-lease! Right now some of the "greatest" scientific minds of the world are arguing and fighting over reality and logic!
Whichever logic is better, what "cells" are, air resistance or molecules, and yet the insulting part is, as soon as they look at a Black Hole, they throw their pens away and say "Nope."

I just think life is worth following what you want to think. If you're religious, good; it's a grasp on what reality really is. If not, do your own thing, like me. For example, I study my dreams, and have had success in making a map out of places I've been to in my dreams. By god is my own little world better than what we came out with! (No offence)

Just goes to show how we coincidentally get stuck with the world in which we can't break the borders a little, doesn't it?
rynorak46 rynorak46
May 11, 2012