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Guys And Their Legs.

I'm not sure if this rates as a social norm or not but it is definitely something that seems to be universal amongest men in the western world...especially in rural areas.

Men. They stand around in groups at parties, meetings, field days, other social events catching up with whatever guys talk about - BIG sheds, BIG fish, BIG tractors, BIG weekends ;), BIG cars, BIG computers, BIG whatever... Have you ever noticed that the more they are try to impress one another, the further their legs part.  When I'm bored at events that are male dominated, I like to stand to the side just  and just observe groups of men and their legs - quite a phenomenon!

It seems that the more threatened they are feeling, by what the other bloke/s were saying, the farther their legs part, inch by inch shuffling into a stance that increase their pelvic tilt.  It makes great entertainment if you are ever bored at a BBQ!

wildernessgirl wildernessgirl 36-40 100 Responses Feb 8, 2010

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great thread wildernessgirl. This has been fun to read!

I'm enjoying the commentary just as much as you kindaconfused - lol

Those are funny comments!!! <br />
<br />
Yeah, I'm going to be spreading my legs extra wide now just in case someone I meet is on EP and might think I'm not well endowed ;)<br />
<br />
and if I see a woman standing like that with a group of men - well I'm still not going to know what to think!

...that she's well-ventilated? LOL

Jennybilly - you have been thinking! Crossed legged...something I haven't seen a man do<br />
<br />
Poor ol' men...perhaps they'll all stand legs crossed from now on, for fear of being judged!

You are so right. Evolution at it's finest.

Tis fun to imitate them. I often do this to my husband when he answers the phone and discovers that it's his father or brother...his voice changes completely.

I never noticed that. I never really hang out in all male groups except maybe at work where it just happens to be men. I would think a barbecue where men were hanging in one place and women in another would be pretty weird.

Happens all the time in Australia!

Watch them when the talk about their SUV's, one guy almost split his pants and he had "Relaxed Fit" ones on!!!!


Hmmmm, what do we notice about Jimmyblues legs??? lol

That he is pretending so that we all think that his moby has more BOOM BOOM than all the others! lol<br />
<br />
...gawd, I'm such a ***** this

It's simply a common yet primitive male dominance thing. Everything that a male does to assert dominance among other men or even to show off to women is the same; they tend to make themsleves appear bigger (not necessarily his equipment, just overall size). You see it all the time in the animal kingdom including humans. I also find it fun to look at women that do the same thing. Women tend to compete with each other on more of an emotional or mental level rather than a physical one. But when you see them trying to attract men they tend to make themselves smaller and more vulnerable such as wrist pointing up and towards the recieveing person as if she is asking them to shackle her. Body Language is always fun to look at when you learn about it and know what to look for, you see it EVERYWHERE...

Agreed Brand1, you just need to know what to look for. Now I'm curious about the shackle theory, lol, I'm going to look out of it. Is this before or after they flick their hair????

lol! yeah the flicking of the hair is another one. The wrist thing is weird, she will put her hands out with the wrist pointing towards the sky. It's a very vulnerable position. Also seeing what direction her bent leg is pointing...Detecting female body language is harder, but if guys learned what to look for they would pick up more women because they would know which ones were attracted to them.

Thinking, thinking...leg crossing...hmmmm...not sure about that one brandy! lol. The colour that women wear is meant to signify whether they are on heat or<br />
<br />
I still have to watch out for that wrist thing...there is so much flirting going on here on's a bit hard to see their body language must be hard typing with their wrists<br />
<br />
What about the whole touching arms, shoulders etc when talking...that's a sign for sure...both for Males and Females.

I think that the color a woman wears has to do with the colors she LIKES to wear. I never wear cream, peach, mustard, pumpkin, khaki or other "pale" colors near my face because they're not flattering to my coloring and I don't like them. Plain and simple.

Yep...touching is a sure sign. Also men tend to squeeze things they are holding around women they are attracted to. Women tend to stroke things...I also notice they like to touch you with their breasts sometimes not just their hands. Definitely watch out for the wrist thing, it's a weird one. But I have had a few women do that to me and I was able to go out with every one of them at least for one date, lol!

What "wrist thing?"

Women often hold their legs together. In both cases, it's the opposite of what they do when sexually excited, and sexually excited amounts to losing control over yourself and thus implying that the partner has control over you. So is it a case of showing how in control of yourself you are, and refuting any unconscious homosexual implications?<br />
<br />
It's interesting though, because even sitting, a lot of men avoid holding their legs together or crossing them, while women pretty much use it as an invitation to part their legs with a man watching - yes, I'll let you in.

Find some grown-up adult men instead of 'guys'!

Men stand with their legs spread to maintain balance. That's as good an answer as any. Who knows why men do some of the things they do as a man even I don't know.

It could just be that men don't get the prohibition women do against spreading their legs. Mostly I doubt that. There is a certain kind of man who does spread his legs (up to a point that is making a 'solid' ba<x>se in martial arts too) - but there's a certain kind of 'middle-aged' woman who uses her breasts as battering rams too, thrusting them at anybody in her way in a crowd and as a way of dominating people. My grandmother became very good at it once she went senile!<br />
<br />
Just plain self-absorbed swaggering 'kids that never grew up' on both sides maybe? And about as ridiculous - or pathetic?

Another thought - American men, especially from 'Cowboy Country' are afraid to cross their legs. If they do at all, it is open. In Europe, women crossing their legs is mostly 'body language' like crossing their arms over their breasts, to close off, but in the more prudish USA it is often seen as a way of giving an up-skirt invitation - where women still wear skirts that is.<br />
<br />
Maybe American men need to brag that their legs are open to show the sex they are proud of, unlike women needing to protect it because for men it is aggressive, for women the aggressed upon.<br />
<br />
Either way, if I spread my legs wide in front of a woman, or she does to me, we each understand that as an offer whether we accept it or not. <br />
<br />
Strutting Macho-men with legs splayed - they deserve and invite a good kick up there that isn't going to bother a woman to anything like the same extent! Homosexist Posers!

Crossing one's legs as a female in the U.S. - in general - does NOT mean an "up-skirt invitation." Where did you hear that bucket of crap? (signed, American Female)

Oh wow. I never noticed this o-o I should check it out oO. But I dunno. I think its some instinct of making themselves look bigger/broader (Not necessarily down there, y'know) so they look more badass

I doubt it is to show off equipment although it could be part of it. Looking bigger I think is definitely part of it and comes from animal instinct, is more defensive posture than showing off. Also spread legs put one in a better position for both flee and fight which again is animal instinct. Think of football pla<x>yers and how often coaches tell them to widen their stance.

omg, thats hilarious, i'm goin to look for that next time i see a group of guys! ahahahaha, thats funny

If a bear or cougar were to burst in out of nowhere, the man with the widest stance would be safe because he presents the biggest challenge for said wild animal. It also presents confidence and power. Like,"go ahead - kick me in the gonads. Mine are, like, rock anyway". <br />
<br />
What does it mean when a woman walks like she has a golf ball clenched between her legs?

LOL! Hysterical. I used to have a boyfriend that used to do that. He was this really macho jerk and acted all tough but the truth was he was really insecure. Not all guys are like that though. You may need to hand out with a different crowd because what you are describing would get really annoying after a while!!

This stance is about aggression the feet apart are for balance if the man was ready to fight or flee or otherwise make a sudden move he would be less likely to fall , the stance prepares him for physical action and also sends a message that he is ready for a fight with other group members which pegs him as brave and gives him their approval. Weather this is natural is doubtful it's more of a fight or flight thug culture thing. Good indication of how indoctrinated the men are also. This bull **** is not only ruining men's lives but filling the prisons and grave yards with them as well.

Reckon Pixie~ is right but there's more to it. It's very much an American braggart thihg and all the show of aggression actually hides insecurity that feels a need to show aggression. It's a lot like women's padded 'power dressing' of the 1980s to show they could be as good as men when they felt they were not, instead of now feeling good enough not to think it needs proving. It's the same as some men will only cross their legs high up, ankle over thigh because women won't (oomigawd opening my legs!) so to cross legs as women do makes them afraid to be seen as equal to women.

It is a fight or flight stance. Good observation.

I hate watching a talk/chat show with some many who sits in the chair or couch with his knees spread nearly a meter apart. "Look at my package, people. I'M the alpha male HERE!"