What Is Normal?

I don't believe in "normal". We are all different and we all have pros and cons. I wish people wouldn't judge or hate.

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Your post on manipulation really helped me a lot so thanks! I've now 'walked away' but can't seem to block them out.

Needless to say, I think 'normal' is the most comfortable mask others like to be around. When whatever it is thats behind the mask bleeds out too much, it alienates people and restricts ones comfort, to an extent.

Given the choice between being normal and being happy, I'm going to be weird and happy.
Just saying, your mileage may vary, thankya please drive thru...

Mileage what? Unfortunately, I don't think there is a choice. If there was, wouldn't everyone be happy?

...Well, in my case, happiness requires meds. ...But the meds only establish the chemical preconditions for happiness.
Happiness is...work. A lot of work. And I'm certainly not happy all the time. ( If I ever get THAT obnoxiously cheerful, somebody please strangle me)
What took me a long time to figure out...if I was authentic to who I am inside, then people seem to accept me a lot more. Even though I'm really weird.

The meds seem to blunt my creativity but help with trembling anxiety so...I don't know. I'm 'weird' too. I've found that it makes me seem somewhat unapproachable, not that I want to be approached although the 'normal' people look so happy and have large social circles and therefore the ability to climb when they're in the....hole if you get me.
Sacrificing who you are for that kind of fulfillment is bullshit though so I'm glad being yourself is working for you!

I use a method called flooding to keep my agoraphobia manageable.

Oh..."Normal" people often merely appear happy.

< bipolar. I can only be so happy that I'm naturally high and don't care, or so low it feels like I'm made of stone, so...relationships don't work for me. Hey I'm totally trying that most recently, I did not know there was a term for it(flooding). Being 'social' is very hard when the disorder confuses you physically and mentally, I've found. It seems like the healthy neglect the fact that they can function. It's good to hear someone who is actively pushing through rather than dwelling in the hole.

Hmmm... Are you on the correct meds? If I got what my friend was saying that with bipolar you'll need to be medicated where you are stable.. not the extremes... it could be from mildly depressed to mildly happier... yet you don't get the extreme lows or the maniac highs...

Yeah, they do work to an extent but they're uncomfortable too.

Uncomfortable in what way? There could be other medications available that are comfortable enough for you to live with. I had to develop the assertiveness for me to demand them to be changed. That took over a couple of years. :/

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My sense of Normal is doing things my own way and in own time and not to be forced in to liking other things because other people wants you to be like that. If I like learning the mechanics of a swimming pool's wave machine so be it. If I like sitting on the computer playing games or programming it doesnt matter to many people who don't have the same interests.

What I don't like and I can be harsh on them if it pushed on to me. Is to get me to go to parties, clubs, staff social days (I have told many I don't mix work with pleasure). Many people said I am very polite when talking about general things. In large social situations I can be very drained, if they discuss and over rated topic of sex that is something I don't want forced on to me and I have shunned couple of work colleagues for trying to speak of the subject to me at work. If they don't get the hint that sex topics don't appeal to me they need to get elsewhere or they will find I will be given them a silent treatment for pushing an unwanted topic on to me. I wont socialise with people who just talk about it either.
I personally don't like night clubs, I don't drink or smoke or take drugs. I see no point in attending these places.

1 Example of a Staff Party is boss tries to pressure you to drink a shot, only problem I have been recovering from a brain tumour so I will not drink alcohol. I still don't drink and see no point in it. As he carried on pressuring me, I could nearly poured it over his head for pressuring me. This party ended up me going earlier because I couldnt stand the environment. Last staff dinner I went to all they talked about was sex and nothing else, I was totally introverted and I left after my dinner and left them all in there. It drained me too. I don't go to these events anymore.

Too many people think Normal in Society is being like other people, love sex, love partying and etc, spending loads of money as well. I have abseiled (rappling) a 34 floor building on my own accord to do this no 1 pressured me doing this and successfully completed it.

Normal is what is just and honorable.

I would call that "just and honorable", not normal.

Normal will be what is just and honorable. We live in a society in which we act abnormal. The true "normal" will always be just and honorable. We cannot decieve our-self.

Nowadays humans take "to like" as being "to love" because they are desperate, unbalanced and insecure. Even tho, the truth is that "yo like" does not mean "to love", even tho many humans see it like that. Do you get my point?

Do not be like others. Be just a honorable so that humans will see an example in you and at least one kid will become a good person because of some of your influence.

I too tend to question the social norms. I find I am questioned for liking something that others dont. There is 1 social norm topic I tend to shun as I see it as over rated as if they are obsessed with it. I have come across many different people on youtube ie Elevator Enthusiasts. They are criticised for not being normal. If they like that sort of stuff so screw the rest of the people who don't like elevator enthusiasts for having this interests.

Sometimes these people are probley told to go out more. I am probley another weirdo too for liking the mechanics of a pool's wave machine.

What irritates me though is when people use this sentiment to downplay the pains of people who are rejected for being different... It's irritating to see "New Shared Experience" in a group called something like "I am Different" only to see yet another "Well everyone's different" post. Those people don't join those groups for that reason. They join them to hopefully find those like them...

I agree with PikeMinnow. Weirdos definitely have more fun. I actually go to great lengths to not use the word "normal" when describing people.<br />
<br />

I believe normal is the middle section of the Bell's curve of life. I don't really care about being normal, per se, because normal is such a subjective concept that it would take an enormous amount of time and effort to be normal. I really don't have time for that, as I spend most of it being a werido. And in my opinion, weirdos have more fun!

Ditto. (=