What Is Freedom And How Is It Achieved

world war two our canadian soldiers fought to keep canada and england free from the crazy adolf hitler. but are we canadians free look at all the laws we have, look at how many things we cannot do there are restrictions. are restrictions supposed to be a part of FREEdom cuz honestly i don't think that having restrictions make us free. and how did this "freedom" come around at the lives of soldiers. there is a cost to freedom. and the cost of our freedom which ain't even real freedom. they died for use so we can live in a country where politicans lie, where we depend on other countires to keep us alive, a country where the suicide and murder and death rates are going up. WHAT IS THE POINT OF FREEDOM WHEN IT AIN"T FREE OR IF IT DON"T EXIST???
icywater20 icywater20
Apr 29, 2011