i think back what i did wrong... and i know i am not always a good person, though i try to be. this year has been really hard on me since the beginning. i am not a cheater and i am not a liar. but i am not always 100% honest. i made a choice too this year, that is to continue my relationship with my husband. there has been so many things going on between us and summing up the number of days we fought, i think it could be 60 days at least. i tried hard to make the relationship work but sometimes things seems so unfair. why all the unnecessary difficulties? people said it's a blessing in disguise. i thought we could start anew, i thought wrong. is it bad timing? why must she text at that time? why can't she text earlier? why didn't i just silent my phone? and we could save all this drama... there's nothing wrong in asking her for help but you said why didn't i ask you first. is it really that... little decisions like this, i need to ask your permission. honestly, i am afraid of telling you things cause you would get mad at me and tell me how irresponsible i am, that i can never do anything right... i am not perfect i know but must you... i take it as a sign from the man above, that my choice was wrong... but why give me all the trouble... i am in so much pain i couldn't sleep last night. there were so many nights like this too....
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
Jul 11, 2010