Why Me?

i broke my mom's heart again. your sudden outburst of temper made me realized that the longer i stay with you, the more misery i will cause both of us. so i called home, yes i did. and told mom i want to go home. dad asked bro to buy the ticket... and then after awhile of resenting why i ever believed you in the first place that we can work this out, you were alright again. you put your arms around me and carried the grocery basket (most of you may think this is sweet and everything but hey... it really is nothing compared to what he made me become) i text dad to ask him to wait, but he already told bro to book it..... and mom, i totally broke her heart. they have been waiting for me to come home for so long, i got the chance and it was blown away, not by me. i text mom and asked her, "why is god making fun of me again...." i just want simple choices..... i can't be that strong girl everyone is telling me to be.... i cannot. i really broke her heart and i wished, i really do wish that i don't even exist. so fcking sad, i'm crying as i write this out.... knowing i just broke my mom's heart.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

guys are idiot hah. yes, family's forever. thank you for commenting...

And this happened over a GUY?<br />
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Honey, trust me on this, even if he's freekin' Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Brad Pitt, all rolled into one, HE AIN'T WORTH IT!<br />
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Family can suck sometimes, but they ARE "forever". <br />
<br />
Hot guys, not so much.<br />
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Can ya dig it?