Birthday Present To Self, I'm Starting Out With Not Drinking For A Month Hoping To Go A Full Year!!

Well here I go again I tryed this last year when I turned 31 made it 3 months with out a drink then I caved on Holloween. I am a healthy 31 year old with two daughters and a great husband. The reason I want to do this is so I can save money and mainly just form different healthy habits with my free time. I know for a fact when I drink it affects the way I feel for more than a day, even when I don't realize it. Also when I drink I smoke so I really want to complete my goal this time.
I grew up with a family of alchoholics and basically have always thought drinking is just what people do when the weekend comes, when the weathers nice, every holiday and so on. I know for a fact life can be just as fun if not more fun with out the booze!! Atleast I hope so lol, so wish me luck.
allisonlian allisonlian
Aug 10, 2010