Didn't Think I Could!

During Christmas, I decided to try and not drink for a month and I figured the 1st month of the new year would be a good time. I usually drink about 3-4 generous glasses a night Sat. & Sun. and 1-2 (often none) during the weekdays. My husband hates if I drink more than 1-2 and gives me a guilt trip every time I go to the fridge for glasses 3 and 4. He'll either be sarcastic and hoot "GO GIRL!!! WOOOO!" or be serious and say, "do you really need that?" Sometimes I sneak so I don't have to deal with it. Sometimes I hide an entire bottle in the basement so that I can access it for an extra glass here and there and he won't see the most recently opened bottle in the fridge is gone. I make trips down there to do "laundry" or to get something so he doesn't know. I decided to prove to him and to myself that I am not an alcoholic and go a month without booze. The first weekend was hard, I REALLY enjoy making dinner on Sunday nights with some good music and a glass or two of white wine, it's just so pleasurable and there are few true, small pleasures in life. Then after that first weekend, it's been a breeze. I decided I can drink again on Feb. 4th we're having a dinner party. Of course my husband (who's a control freak of course) has suggested I keep my dry period going indefinitely and only have a glass or two at dinner parties. I said, "NO!" I mean, less than a bottle two nights a week isn't someone with a problem right? I am a swimmer, runner and a marathoner, I work full time and we have a 5 year old son and I take care of myself. I should be able to enjoy myself a LITTLE bit right? Anyone agree/disagree?
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You go and enjoy your glass of wine. Do not let your husband run your life. You can control and run your life without outside monitering. Feel free to add me if you wish.

Hello, my question would be if you drink while you cook (which i do without thought) can you stop drinking after your finished cooking? I would think that it is not the drinking that makes you qualify for an alcoholic but the inability to stop. So you say you have 1-2 and then wish for more. You have to be your own LCB. It does not sound like you have a drinking problem but a guilt trip....<br />
Oh and for your husband to judge you so ,curious how much he has to drink to sit so high?<br />
i agree that you should enjoy, you sound like your doing a great job as mom and mother...

Hi, I agree with you, I definitely, like most people, have alcoholic undertones but I CAN stop if I want to, but I always want more. I actually am doing another dry month right now except this time I am in the mindset to only drink alcohol 1-3 times a month forever. I think I have the mind power to do it now. I realize that I have problems at home (with my relationship with my husband) and that alcohol does not help. I am concentrating on making my life and home life better and alcohol has no place in my plan. It's ok to enjoy myself once in a while but not just at home for no reason. Thanks for your post! :) BTW, my husband drinks usually a glass of wine for lunch and one for dinner every day. He worries that he's an alcoholic too, lol!

Besides your husband giving you a ration of crap, I fail to see what problems drinking is causing in your life. Please share one of those stories and if you can't, then I'm not sure you have a problem at all.

Wow - I admire you so much. A whole month! I wish I could do that. I don't know what to say about going back to the booze, thogh. I totally understand your desire to have just a glass or two a few times a week but do you think you'll be tempted to start up every night again?<br />
You know yourself better than anyone. Do you want to quit for a longer period? WIll your husband be upset with you and start riding your drinking again?<br />
Mine doesn't really like it too much when I try to quit as I get so bitchy (he still drinks Merlot every night for his heart) and resentful plus its just more fun when we both feel merry and in a good mood.<br />
I love to drink! I have anxiety and its the only time I can relax and get that knot out of my stomach.<br />
Oh well, for my health I have to try it - here I go again - day !

I myself enjoy drinking. I drink only beer though. I had three beere on Saturday. This is the first beer i have had in a week i guess. I think i had beer last week end with my buddy. I do enjoy a beer or three myself but i do not drink enough to get fall down drunk.