And that was over 25 years ago.
I knew I was loosing control over my drinking and decided to do something about it. A couple fo weeks before Labor Day, I decided I would quit drinking for one month and then limit myself to becoming a social drinker.

About half-way through that 30 days, I determined that it wasn't a long enough period and decided to make it 100 days. That would allow me to have a drink for my birthday and during the holiday season.

But a funny thing happened. Weeks before my birthday rolled around I realized how much better I looked and felt. I'd lost weight, I had a much better attitude about life, my eyes and skin took on a healthy glow, and everyone noticed. I started thinking maybe I should quit for a whole year and then I realized how silly that was. By my birthday I had decided to never drink again and that was in the '80's.
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Congratulations. Did you seek help from any support groups, AA, or the like? Just wondering. I quite several years ago, with a lot of help from AA and a treatment center. I have never felt better.

Good for you! I like my drink but do not know if liking it us a problem or not!!!

Good for you.

I commend you for making a difficult decision and then sticking to it. It can't have been easy and i'm sure you had lots of people telling you you were crazy.

Very interesting!