Alcohol: To Be Or Not To Be??!!

I decided to use Lent this year as a reason to give up alcohol. I am not extremely religious but i do have my faith. Today it has been 5 weeks (i started slightly before Lent) and i have 2 weeks left. I have been rather social and have continued to go out with my friends. Some of whom support me and some of whom are like: Go on, you've done really well.give it up NOW! I have also been away on a weekend break wtith my boyfriend... Before this i generally did not drink Sun-Thurs but on Fri and Sat i would let off steam often going on long lunches that would roll into the night and not remember how i got home...etc etc...So I am really enjoying this experienc. I t has not been too hard but to be honest i am considering not drinking again....The thing is i may try after Lent  a night out drinking and hopefully i will have learnt how to control alcohol better however if not i really would like to give it up for good maybe!? I want to be able to drink responsibly but if I try it out and can't i think the best thing is to mayeb give it up for good.

Karlam Karlam
26-30, F
Mar 21, 2010