Today is July 15, 2010 and I've had a few beers today. But today isn't the problem. It's the "every single day for the last tens years that has led up to today" number of beers that has led me to quit drinking. The ***** of it is that I have lied to everyone about my drinking since I can remember. No one really knows how much or how often I drink but me. I've totaled at least 3 vehicles, pushed the one girl I ever loved away, and have managed to not advance at all in life. It pains me to say this but alcohol has kept me from succeeding for a long time now. Yet I still want to drink. Hopefully with some support and some accountability I can manage to completely rid my life of alcohol. I know it would be for the better so here I go...
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Somehow, you've got to turn around the "Yet I still want to drink" to "I'm scared to drink" which is where I'm at. I've been trying to quit for years but two nights (one two years ago, one fifteen years ago) actually made me scared to drink again, because of what I nearly lost - my wife. <br />
If you're single, it'll be easier to lose those friends who egg you on. That's my main problem, no one will believe that I don't want a drink and I have to be quite rude to my dear friends about it. Swines.