I Quit, You Can Too!

On June 17 2008, I quit drinking cold turkey, on my own. I had been drinking for about  forty years in varying degrees, mostly acceptable, but I had become a regular binge drinker and was running the gauntlet of the law by driving while under the influence. I met an old friend that I hadn't seen in years at a store one day and he told me to drop by his place sometime if I was in his neighbourhood. I did about a month later, he offered me a beer and five beers later and listening to his long story of alcohol abuse and what it had done to his life I drove home. On the way home I thought about his story and the fact that he was going to AA and had been sober for a year. I decided that if he could do it from where he had been, I could do it too. Two months later I was asked to come to an intervention for him , he had fallen off the wagon and had locked himself into a room and been drinking for two days straight. I went of course ,it being my first and only intervention. Many people were there from different times of his life. It really was quite an experience. We all had our time to say how we felt and how it related to him. He sat there in an angry stupor and listened. When it was my turn I relayed the story of how it was his strength and determination that had encouraged me to quit drinking. I think it hit a note because he didn't want to let me down. It was my turn to tell him that  "if I can do it ,So can you".
He has been sober for over a year now, I'm going on three years and we are very proud of each other. Our wives are also very proud of us both and happy they don't have to socialize with drunken spouses.
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What a great and inspiring story. I, too, joined AA a couple of months ago, but not until after my husband left me. He found a much younger, prettier, woman who could control her drinks. I'm proud of both of you. Keep it up, keep telling the story.