Quit Drinking

 Quit drinking a few days back and going through withdraw. It's damn hard

thomsrq thomsrq
4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I'm glad to hear that you quit, it's so much better for you, I drink some but I don't want to get dependent on anything, I wish lots of luck and God Bless You.

You can do it Thom! I have faith in you. Pour it into your writing and not into your glass. It is very theraputic! Trust me.

yeah, hang in there. it's more than worth it once you're over the hump. i was at a fifth a day, felt like ****. but after a few weeks it got better and keeps getting better. but just keep in mind. - life is still life, good and bad. keep it up!

hi keep goig it will get better i drank for 24yrs i was consuming 100 units alcohol per wk every wk,quit boozing ive got more money,& a clearer head you will see in time dont quit hang in there.