I Quit My Job On Friday Cuz I Hated That Place...

The sad part of this story is that I really loved the work...i love bookkeeping and accounting...but the ******** I was working for are out of their %^&*$#ing minds. 

I have let them take advantage of me for so long I should have my *** kicked...But finally I did what I should have done long long ago.  I packed my **** in a box and left my keys on my desk and drove out of that driveway for the last time. 

I am so freaking happy about that...but I am scared about not having a job....how am I gonna pay my mortgage payment?????

something will happen...I will get another job.  I know I will. 

I am not in dysfunction junction any more...that  is a great thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I walked out of my job cause they wouldn't give me a f'n day off. I'd been there for 3 months and nope, I was not going to get even 1 day off, despite telling them I was invited to go overseas for my 40th b'day. Well I went on extended sick leave, had my holiday, and never went back. I hated it there anyway.

Uuuhhhhh....you must have mixed up the stories...I dont smoke anymore...have'nt for about 5 or 6 weeks...<br />
(go me!!!!)...I quit smokin & drinkin...now I'm trying to quit eating....lol

try working at wal-mart