I Did It Today.

I didn't give any notice, but I had been debating doing it since April/May. I started the job in November of 2009. It was my first job ever and I was all excited. I gave all my effort and was eager to learn and do everything. I tried my best despite some social anxiety to get along with everything. From then till about April/May.. it was a very enjoyable job. Sure, I had bad customers that ruined my day from time to time. But when I think about those first couple of months.. I really miss it and I don't understand what went wrong. My boss out of nowhere just started treating me.. weird. He was acting like I was always in his way. We were always friendly with each other.. but to be honest I never felt comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with him like the other employees.. but they had been there almost 10+ years! My boss just flat out started treating me like crap. The guy even made me cry.. then he started being nice. But that was only for that day. Then it was back to being mean. So a couple of weeks ago.. he changed my schedule and only had me working one day a week. When I saw that, I had to hold myself back from just flat out saying "WTH DID I DO WRONG?!?! I QUIT!!!". Instead.. I decided to take a week off.. which was last week. I hoped me being away from there would resolve whatever was going on. Today was the day I went back.. and it was very uncomfortable. He treated me the same way. So as I was getting my things together preparing to leave, I walked over to him. I told him that today would be my last day. I didn't get the rush of happiness I had hoped for.. but I sure am relieved to be away from that awkward and uncomfortable setting. Honestly, I pick myself apart like no other - I really am my own worst enemy. But I truly do not know nor see anything I could have done that was so terrible to treat me that way. But whatever, that place and that boss is long gone. I truly see a brighter, better future.
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I just gave my 30 day notice today for the same reasons :)

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I don't live in a very large town, so where I work was the only option at that time, but now that I've had a year of experience there's probably something else out there! This was my first job, too.<br />
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It's okay to be nervous! I know I'm going to be. I've never stepped foot inside a classroom before! I was homeschooled up until a certain point, then I taught myself for a while. I know that my GED is going to be a breeze when I finally get the time to take it, but if I ever get to start college, it's going to be so scary.<br />
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I'm sure if you could put up with a unappreciative and disrespectful employer, teachers shouldn't be much of a problem! At least they're usually willing to work with you. Usually. ^.^

Thank you! Its kind of also a good feeling to know that other people have bosses that out of the blue treat them badly. I had myself convinced for a bit of time I was alone in this situation and that I must have been a terrible worker despite all I did for that guy. I'm sorry you can't leave but if it does get to a breaking point like mine did, I'm sure if you couldn't handle it any longer there could be a better opportunity out there! Yes, college is my savior basically but I'm a little nervous to start there. But it has to be so much better than working at that place. :)

I'm very happy for you that you're out of that situation now. I know the exact feeling of wondering what I did wrong at work. My boss started doing the same thing. He doesn't even talk to me anymore, and I never did figure out what I did to change that. He used to be so nice and understanding. I can't leave, unfortunately, because I still have to support my family until they get back on their feet, but I'm so jealous you get to go to college now!<br />
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