Getting And Keeping A Job

I just cant do it.  i want to stay home by myself but then i dont.  I cant handle stress. 
Its hard for me to do anything unles im alone.
I was married twice divorce twice.
I push myself to work even if im stress.  But cant do it anymore. Im highly sensitive .
i cry easly.
Everyone tells me to get tough.  haha   wish i could.
i would have a long time ago if i could.
i had a talk with my boss today. I had to come home take a hot shower to try to get off me how i feel.
Im nervous dont want to do anything but i cant sit down or lie down.
writing this right now helps me.
but i cant go out their and face people.
i want them to leave me alone.
but then i get lonely.  its a roller costal ride.
i dont have anything to do with my brothers or sister.  Just my son and his wife.
Everyone say im a nice person. that because i cant say no to them.
and it bother me if soemone dont like me.
i take everything personally.
i do have nice things to say but cant right now.
dollycococ dollycococ
56-60, F
May 24, 2012