I Should Have Done It Years Ago

I worked for the same organization for 16 years.  I changed positions within the organization about ten times and kept moving up the ladder.  Last summer I was up for the director's job.  I didn't get it, but stayed as her assistant because I thought she would be good.  She was, but she got sick and had to leave.  I applied again, and was passed over for another outsider. So I quit.  I told them I was going to but I don't think they believed it.  Now they keep dragging it out and are refusing to pay out my unused vacation, etc.  I've been sitting in my office crying every day.  I have to work until noon on Wednesday. I'm sure everyone says this, but they have no idea how much work I did.

sueagain sueagain
3 Responses Aug 3, 2008

Quit your job while your still alive. I'm a victim of a bad job because I'm too scared to quit but now I know that I must quit to save my life and to lose a reference.

Yeah I quit my last 2 jobs. If the job doesn't suit I guess we need to move on. The right job will come, I live in hope as someone said you need to work to live not live to work. Good luck job hunting.

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