I Quit!

Well, I'm a full time college student. However, I decided to take the summer off, and instead, work. I live in a tourist trap so there are always jobs that are available.

I've been working as a sales associate at PacSun. I'm sure most of you know what PacSun is, but if you don't, it's basically a store that sales surfer-like clothing. I had worked at PacSun last December, while visiting my parents, then returned back to finish the spring semester of school. When school ended, I returned to my parents home and once again began working for PacSun. I returned only to see that new management had been installed. I was quite sad because the old managers were so nice. Obviously, something went wrong though because both were fired.

With corporate managing us, the job was made so much more stressful. Everything was taken so seriously. As an associate, I felt it was my job to meet and greet the customers. Yet, management was so concerned with the look of the store, they'd rather us fold mountains of jeans, in such a way, that it could take all day. You would think they'd rather us make the sale, right? Well, not these guys.

Nonetheless, I continued working for the store. Probably, simply because I like the clothes that they sale. However, they truly ticked me off on the Fourth of July...

PacSun scheduled me to work on the Fourth of July. Of course, I scored a closing shift. (Just my Irish luck...) A couple of friends had invited me to go boating with them, but I had to work instead. Of course, they went without me. Well, I get up to PacSun, clock in, start doing my job, or at least attempt to look like I'm doing something. If you've ever worked in retail, you know what I mean whenever I say "attempt." I'm there for two hours, it's so slow, they decide to send me home. I was angry! I wanted to work! My plans had already been shot! The least that they could do was go ahead and give me my hours now!

(Sigh....) Pretty fed up, I went home, and ended up watching fireworks on T.V. I returned to PacSun and worked as usual, but I felt more like a worker bee than a valued employee. I suddenly began to realize that all I was was a worker bee, and that all of us associates, mostly college students, were worker bees as well.

Well, the other day they called me to come in. I said I would be there. Yet, I called back an hour later and said I had changed my mind, and that I was resigning from my position. They pleaded with me not to, yet, really gave me no incentives to stay.

So, now I'm jobless, hopefully not for long. I will admit, I do feel irresponsible for not giving a two-week notice, but what is done, is done.

From this I learned, that if I ever am in a management position in my career, I'm going to treat everyone equal, regardless of their position.

Now, off to find another low-paying part-time summer job!!!

ArdentEyes ArdentEyes
22-25, F
Jul 12, 2007