I Will Never Work With Liers!!!!

2 weeks ago i got hired for a part time job in telemarketing...

The company had us calling people who were losing there homes...

so we can help them lower their interest rate. In other words help them do a modification for their house....

Well it was all B S....   Not true at all they were stealing from home owners.....I was pissed when I found out....I knew it was to good to be true.....

It made me so upset because I really belived they were helping people.....Well I could not do it no more.....The day I got proof of what they were doing.   I quit!!

I felt so dirty working for scum's.....

I hope they get caught!

what out people for those leirs!


dianaspy5 dianaspy5
31-35, F
6 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Wow the world till exists because people like you , I would do the same congrats !

if they are doing something illegal, you need to turn them in before more innocent homeowners that are already strapped, get even deeper in debt

Mad props to you for having a conscious---if ONLY more people did!!! The mortgage mess played a HUUUUUUGE part in the downfall of the economy, both locally & globally. There was a ton of fraud involved, much of it on the part of the applicants themselves (home buyers). It's all directly attributable to extreme greed, and now when I look at job ads all I see is "loan modification, loan modification, loan modification".... well, that's what it says, but what I actually see is "fraud, fraud, fraud." Yes, the fraudsters get away with it... these companies are only interested in scooping up all the money they can, the future be damned, and they will crucify anyone who tries to do right from within.

How do u think they keep in buisness? They get away with it!!<br />
<br />
I read on another site a guy who was upset shopped them to the IRS and felt v v pleased even though he knew it wrong!!

Good. As pointed out, you will be able to sleep well. Now, if more people had your principles and quit, so those scum companies would go out of business, it would be a better world. And I speak as someone who has gotten plenty of calls from dubious telemarketing outfits. Best of luck.

good for you dianaspy5, at least you will sleep comfortably tonight.