Runescape - The #1 Very Addictive Mmorpg

Well it all started when I signed up. Members stuff is so much. I became just richer and richer. Furthermore I was a really ****** boss pker.
I mean At def 70 i had like 85 att 99 str mage 99 hp 99 99 range 99 pray and i pked very good. time passed by and by. 10 mins are like 10 hours. When I came home from school i turned on the pc and lost myself in this massive online world. One day I just realised that my life passed by while i was creating Pixels. So I took decision to hang out do sports doing some hobbies like fishing (irl lvl 99 :D ). Its way better now. 
knochengard3 knochengard3
May 7, 2012