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my story here but accidentally deleted it. In any case, I quit after smoking for nearly 35 years. You can too!

RubyTewes RubyTewes
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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I cannot tolerate the stench of cig smoke either. I'm not sure I'm militant about non-smoking as mush as I can finally smell how intensly gross it is. I shudder to think I reeked just a bad. Eeewwwww!

i've been smoke free for almost 2 yrs. now, but only smoked continuously for about 16 yrs. since i quit i notice that the smell of smoke REALLY bothers me. i can't stand it in the air or even on someone, in their clothes, hair, etc. i've become a militant non-smoker!!!

Congratulations!!!! I know many smokers and realize how hard of a feat this can be.