4 Weeks Without...the Rest Of My Life To Go

I've been smoking pot for 35 years....Almost every day but for the last few years only on the weekend. Now I really want to give up. I've been off now for over a month, but I still have a cloudy head. It's totally F***cked my life. I have trouble with relationships, my job, everything. I've done 2-3 month stints of abstinence before and have found great advantages. Can't wait to get my head back together again. I also don't smoke cigarrettes so at last I can breathe again. I know that I've got addictive personality / co-dependant , I'm to see a phycologist soon for counselling. I don't want it any more. My G/F said that she doesn't want me on it any more so that's enough incentive. Just got to give up....

wattahappiness wattahappiness
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

You can do this!! I'm so encouraged to hear your story. Set up accountability partners - people you can talk to when you're tempted to start up again, people who will encourage you to stay on the right path. It's a great help!