I Want Some Kush!!!

I quit smoking weed about 4 months ago, and it is really hard. I was smoking it so much that I didn't even get a good high anymore, just kind of a daze, but I have been craving it for like a month! You may do anything for a Klondike bar, but I would do anything for a blunt right now!!! I know that's sad, and it's going to be a struggle to stay sober, but that's what I want right now!! Anyone feel me?
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ITS HARD............
I like this story.....

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I just quit smoking danking last week .. Its not because of the money its just because i dont get high enough anymore i smoked an 1/8 every day of og kush now its time to quit so next time i smoke i will get as high as when i did it the first few times


my life is much better without daily use of Cannabis.I thought things were all well and good for many years in a marijuana haze,but with nearly 5 years without it I am much more healthy and functional.<br />
I support the choice of those who benefit from the herb,but for many of us it can lead to problems.<br />
<br />
If a lifelong stoner like myself can straighten up-anyone can! stick with it,you might be amazed.

Good, that is how I used to be too. It got to the point where I stopped enjoying ANYTHING. I'm proud of you and keep it up!

Rock on, lady! You're awesome and congratulations! :) You give me mad hope to stick to my resolve too...today is day 1 for me. My original day one was planned for Saturday but I decided to go ahead and start today since I'm off work and realizing that I just don't want it anymore because I'm not enjoying it. Heh, and normally a day off would consist of me doing a wake and bake, taking a long nap and basically being a lazy bum in my pajamas all day. No more bummin' around for me!

Thanks, It had actually only been one month when I wrote that, but now I will be 4 months sober next month!

This is very common even months after you quit from what I've researched. I hope you did your best to stay away, though! Once you break free of the year mark, I hear from most quitters that you finally rid your desire to smoke. Stay strong, girl, you can do it! And if you have relapsed, it's never too late to try and quit again. Keep trying!