2 Years Ago

My 2 year anniversary from quitting is coming up. I've slipped up 3 times, but still going strong. Which is no easy task when your dad smokes, your boyfriend smokes and your mum was a dealer.

I smoked for 5 years and with my mum being a dealer, there was always at least 2 pounds in the house. She made so much money, we were able to smoke ounces for free. I smoked for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I smoked so damn much, I would throw up black tar at times. My weight dropped to 33 kgs, and I had no drive in life- I left school, had a**hole friends (who I then lost), no car and no job... What was fun in the beginning to do with friends now became the underlying reason for all the problems in my life and yet I used dope to make me feel better about it. If I was out and ran out of dope me and my boyfriend at the time would resort to dreggies- reusing smoked weed and draining it so we could smoke it again. My house got invaded, we got raided, we've had plants stolen off us.

I decided to quit- and made a real attempt. I went through the vivid dreams, cold and hot sweats, the cravings, and made it out the other end. 2 years later I now have that car and job, and I weigh 52 kilos. Improvements still need to be made in my life, but I'm not using weed as an excuse anymore.
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4 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Congratulations on ending your dependency. Based on my experience, it wasn't that you smoked cannabis, it's that you smoked so much cannabis. If you drank as much vodka, as you smoked dope, you'd be dead now.

You are an inspiration, well done.

Thankyou, that means a lot to me :)

Thank you. I have a sister who is hooked on a lot more than weed, she has been in and out of rehab, I have threatened to take her kids away and nothing is helping. I guess it is up to the individual.

That's true, while smoking weed, I met a lot of drug-f**ked, messed up people, who had the worst thrown at them and yet drugs still had a hold of them. But it is up to the individual, otherwise all the rehabs in the world won't help.

You guys inspire me so much, after a little over ten years of doing it & same circumstances with family/friends, I'm ready to stop but I'm constantly terrified, is it withdrawels? I only want to do it cold turkey but it's so hard, I read your experiences & it relieves some of the anxiety. Thank you & keep up the amazing work, I only hope that'll be me in a two years

If you're scared about quitting, it may be that you're scared to lose your routine or (if you were like me) your crutch for whenever something good or bad happens- its hard finding new ways to deal with that. But it's good you're motivated and determined and I wish you all the best of luck! :)

yeah,I can relate-slightly more than 5 years for me clean and sober.Little by little I've been getting a better grip on my life...never thought I'd stop puffin da herb-I grew up in the drug culture too.

lots of my friends grow it and use it,but no more for me thanks.been there.