I'm Still Alive!

Hello My Name is Mitchell, I just found out back in March that I have Emphysema, a irreversible degenerative condition. Unfortunately I found out a little late and my case is very severe. Back on the 25th of March, I went to the hospital with complaints of  pain and shortness of breath. Thankfully they treated me like a cardiac patient and rushed me in. Come to find out, I had pneumonia real bad and they had to drain 3 gallons of fluid from my lungs, 2 of which had to be removed by the doctors hand because the fluid was so thick it would not drain thru the hose.  After or during, I'm not sure, removing the fluid they found I had 6 different lung infections. I was in bad shape and at the end of it all. They rushed me into surgery and removed the rotten lung portion from my body, but couldn't remove the entire lung without a replacement. I smoked for 35 years of my life and now I only have a little time left because of smoking!
Please don't smoke! http://webpages.charter.net/mbax64/ Have Faith and Believe . I Love You

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Thank-you and hang in there-it is nice of you to post. I am trying but i guess i will try harder now-Sept 13-12 at 5:13 pm in Canada--i will not smoke for the rest of the day/night. Thanks to your help.Just for to night.

i'm down to one cig a day bt i hv this feeling that i cudn't ever quit..i even imagine myself smoking while watching fansy places in movies....IN all my daydreams there is cig...my poems my drawing my novel...everything...its just became a part of me i dnt think i can quit this attachment totaly....still i'm trying my best

First I would like to say thank so much for posting your experience story. I think it's great that even though you're going through so much pain and hard times you still find the courage to try and help others. It's very rare to find someone that genuine and caring. I looked at your website and I'm going to show it to me mother. She has also smoked for over half of her life. She had pneumonia. She lives with Emphysema, COPD and many other conditions. I've tried being supportive and tried not to push too hard. But it doesn't seem to work. She knows how bad it is she knows a lot of her health problems would get better and maye even be able to get off some of her meds, but all that info doesn't seem to help. I will try showing her your website and maybe that will help get through to her.<br />
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I hope things get better for you. <br />
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God Bless,<br />